about Akhila

Akhila: sanskrit meaning “one” or “whole”

At Akhila we work with the belief that you are already whole.

We know you have everything you need existing within you and at times you may just need a helping hand.

My goal is to enable each of my clients to thrive. Through my treatments I am able to provide support to my clients, helping them in overcoming their unique health challenges. I understand the care of health is not a one size fits all and my treatments reflect this.


How do I do this?

Through a multidisciplinary (holistic) approach I assess an individual’s unique state of health and determine their specific needss. I then address these needs by using various modalities including chiropractic; kinesiology and other methods of body work so to bring them into both physical and energetic balance.

Graduating as Doctor of Chiropractic in 2012 I then went on to study Activator methods, Thompson technique, Cranial adjustments, Pregnancy and Paediatric Chiropractic, Dry Needling, TBM Kinesiology, Access Consciousness Bars and became a facilitator of the Demartini Method.


Why is this my passion?

I have been fascinated with health and the body’s capacity to heal itself since I was studying biology in high school. A career Chiropractic and Kinesiology allows me to connect and provide service to others in a holistic manner and I am grateful every day.



A complementary medicine practice involving the diagnosis and treatment of misalignments in the spine and peripheral joints of the body. Due to the close relationship of the nervous system and the spine these misalignments also directly affect associated nerves. muscles and the body’s organs. Chiropractic treatment utilises controlled and specific forces to joints in order to restore optimal neurophysiological function and promote harmony in the body.

Chiropractic recognizes the innate (inborn/natural) healing capacities of the body and its purpose is to remove any interference to this vital system. Restoring the integrity of the nervous system allows the body to heal itself.



There are many forms of Kinesiology, the form used at Ahkila is known as TBM. (total body modification) It stems from origins of acupuncture, naturopathy, radionics and chiropractic. By using a muscle reflex to test specific points information can be gained regarding organs, body systems and even stored (unprocessed) emotions. If a dysfunction is found a correction is made (usually by gently stimulating reflex points along the spine) and the body’s capacity to heal will be improved.

To explain this further it helps to think of your body’s electrical (energy) system like a bio-computer. Overloaded with any stress be it physical, chemical or emotional short circuits can occur. The automatic nervous systems that exist in your body - fight or flight (sympathetic) and rest and digest (parasympathetic) can not work at the same time meaning when you are in fight or flight you cannot heal. Removing these stressors to the body and restoring these short circuits allows your body’s natural healing forces to be regained.

Apart from identifying and stimulating these dysfunctional points TBM implements nutritional and lifestyle programs such as the Autonomic Recovery program ( featuring a sugar metabolism reset); yeast reduction program; circadian rhythm (sleep) reset and tailored individual weight loss advice.


Your body has the information it needs to function at an optimal level, its about extracting this and putting it to use.


Pregnancy and Paediatric care

Often patients are unaware that care (particularly Chiropractic care) is not only safe but can be extremely beneficial while pregnant. Due to obvious changes in posture and body composition while pregnant it is common that women feel various types of discomfort such as lower back pain. Lower back pain can be helped immensely by aligning the pelvis and activating supporting muscles such as the glutes. There is also evidence that it can help reduce labour time and who doesn’t want that??!!

Chiropractic is not the only treatment that I use with pregnant patients. I have found that Kinesiology can help with detoxification pathways which in my experience can reduce morning sickness. Toxic overload from creating new cells of life can leave you feeling nauseas in the first trimester and can place stress on what should be a joyful time.

What you also may not be aware of is how connected an unborn child and its mother are on emotional level. The flood of chemical hormones that surge through your body you feel when you happy or sad simultaneously travel through the unborn child. It is important to stay in a healthy state of mind while pregnant and dealing with emotions can be tricky. TBM and Access Bars can help you clear out emotional stressors, keeping expectant mothers calm and at peace.



lots of love, Tahli. 


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