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whole health protein.

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WHOLE HEALTH PROTEIN has been created to support your wellbeing. Naturopathically formulated to enhance protein consumption throughout the day, support muscle recovery and prevent the signs of ageing.

SIZE: 500g


add 1x scoop (approx. 30g) to water or a smoothie.


Pea protein (organic, sprouted and fermented); A high quality protein source containing all nine essential amino acids. Pea protein is low carbohydrate, dairy free and gentle on the digestive system. By sprouting and fermenting the protein any phytic acid is removed, making it much easier to digest and highly bioavailable.

Cacao (raw and organic); Cacao comes from the Theobroma Cacao tree, meaning ‘food of the gods’. It is high in anti-oxidants, flavanols, minerals and anti-inflammatory properties. Cacao plays a vital role in energy production, has a positive impact upon mood while supporting detoxification + glucose metabolism.

Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha); A powerful adaptogen herb that improves cellular energy levels by supporting the adrenal glands and helping build stress resilience. Ashwagandha also enhances mental performance and promotes clarity.

Marine Collagen Peptide: sourced from wild caught fish. This Collagen improves the skin, hair and nails. It also acts to reduce the aging process by protecting our DNA telomeres and supports muscle recovery.

Bamboo leaf extract: Silica promotes hair growth, strengthens nails and supports skin integrity (elasticity, texture and hydration).

Bacillus Coagulans: a shelf stable strain of bacteria that offers numerous benefits for the digestive system. It aids in the breakdown of protein, enhances nutrient absorption and supports the immune system.

Digestive Enzymes:
α-amylase: supports the breakdown of carbohydrates
protease: supports the breakdown of proteins
lipase: supports the breakdown of fats
cellulase: supports the breakdown of fibre
lactase: supports the breakdown of lactose